ARC/Leo Burnett Shanghai: Safeguards How Many Touches campaign
2014/2/25 13:40:0414462

In time to coincide with the flu season in Mainland China, ARC/Leo Burnett has created an anti-germ stunt for the China-based antibacterial product provider Safeguard (舒肤佳) that aims to show people how close they connect with germs on a daily basis.

To provide more realistic bacteria signals to consumers, some branded sensor-installed counters were put in place next to elevator buttons to detect the amount of people who had touched them.

Integrated with social media and e-commerce, the above-the-line campaign rolled out across major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, where participants are directed to Chinese e-commerce sites, including T-mall and Yihaodian.

“We all know about germ facts, but we never change our behaviours because we never actually see them,” Elaine Hui, group brand director of Arc Leo Burnett Hong Kong, told Marketing.

“Through this direct and cost-effective installation, the campaign is to make people think twice about how often their hands come in contact with germs, in a memorable way.”

She said the campaign had so far generated 96% recall rate and a 43% share rate online, tripling its e-commerce sales and boosting total sales by 22%.

The two parties are planning to bring the successful campaign to other main cities in China in the near future.

ARC / Leo Burnett
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