im2.0互动营销上海: 阿迪达斯 不破不力
2012/9/18 0:00:0017622
[Describe Mission]
近年,中国篮球系列竞品角逐激烈,在这个时候阿迪达斯推出adipower howard2,如何用好明星款的拉动效应,来提升品牌形象?感染篮球粉丝?

In recent years, the competition of basketball products market in China is very intense. At this time adidas launchs the new product—adipower howard2. The mission is how to leverage on celebrity endorsement and to enhance the brand image, also to Infect basketball fans.

[Describe Idea]
通过互动体验吸引用户真正穿上adipower howard2,来释放所有潜在力量,挑战全新目标。直到像howard一样扣碎篮板,征服篮下。

We take the power of Howard as a point cut, with unique illustration style, to create an exciting online slam dunking experience. On the digital platform, consumers can do slam dunk through a gamification way, which can definitely fulfill their inner desire. They can also challenge their friends to make a second time promotion on SNS platforms. Through this campaign, we want to attract users to wear adipower howard2, to bring the power and challenge new objectives. Just like Howard, smashing the backboard and ruling the court!

[Describe results]
这是阿迪达斯首创的在线暴扣体验。上线短短49天,页面点击率超1,898,817次,独立访客达146,507人,吸引众多用户不停来刷新记录,更在互动体验中让用户感受到adipower howard2的力量。

This is the first time that adidas creates an online slam dunk campaign. Just in 49 days, there come more than 1,898,817 page views and 146,507 unique visitors. This campaign attracts many users to refresh their records constantly, which let consumers feel the power of adipower howard2 in interactive experience.

[Additional Point]
1. 首创的在线暴扣体验,潜移默化中激发球迷对装备的渴求
2. 新颖且独创的插画风格,更带给用户耳目一新的震撼力
3. 全新的宣战Social模式,配合SNS整合传播,实现了病毒传播效应

1. The first online slam dunk gaming experience, cultivate product awareness spontaneously and stimulate fans’ desire of basketball equipment.
2. Super cool illustration style, bring users great impact.
3. Brand new social mechanism integrated with SNS communication, to realize the viral promotion effect.


Executive Creative Director
Allen Lee
Associate Creative Director
Beck Yang
Benjamin Guan
Senior Copy
Zee Zhang
Art Director
Stan Xu
Senior Designer
Manly Zhang
Iris Xu
Fred Shao

Group Account Director
Tony Yeung
Senior Account Manager
Lobo Lee
Leo Zhang
Senior Account Executive
Vicky Feng

Production Director
Itsuki Wang

Video Editor
Bright Yu