NEXT-DC Sofia: Amstel Safe
2013/6/7 12:39:436977

Create a low budget communication concept that positions Amstel as the brand that brings out the liberal-minded spirit of Amsterdam. Connect with core target – keen professionals and make them choose Amstel over competitors in social gathering occasions. Through a small investment, to organize trial and to engage the target by making them feel liberated and released.


Today, any keen professional with a smart device can’t really feel away from work and pressure. Even if he is at a liberating place he might still “not be there”. His smartphone helps him stay attached to work or to social networks , constantly receiving emails and notifications. Our conclusion: keen professionals have forgotten the true purpose of free time.


Create the first ever wardrobes for mobile phones in different venues. People who leave their phones there, get an Amstel key and a free Amstel beer in order to enjoy their time and conversations undistracted. We remind people that drinking beer should stay pure and undiluted with other activities such as work and social activities such as Facebook, Tweeter , Instagram… Through a small investment we are organizing a fun and low cost trial of the brand, which successfully reduces stress in the biggest Bulgarian cities.
The activation now is subject of Bulgarian media.

Advertising Agency: NEXT-DC, Sofia, Bulgaria
Creative Directors: Momchil Zakhariev, Maria Todorova
Art Director: Evgenia Nikolova
Copywriter: Momchil Zakhariev
Head of Digital: George Yanakiev
Account Management team: Dessy Vekilska, Hristo Petkov, Monika Simeonova

Advertising Agency
NEXT-DC, Sofia, Bulgaria
Creative Directors
Momchil Zakhariev
Maria Todorova
Art Director
Evgenia Nikolova
Momchil Zakhariev
Head of Digital
George Yanakiev
Account Management Team
Dessy Vekilska
Hristo Petkov