La Agencia Viva! & La Doblevida: Scribe: #ScribeBillboard
2013/4/25 10:13:0015062


How to make Scribe, a Mexican notebooks brand with 50 years of tradition, become once more beloved by the people and, especially, the newer generations? By reconnecting with the adult consumer, awakening their inner child and starting a dialogue with the newer generations. With this thought, a new brand essence -“Spaces for your inspiration”- was created, and a new image and positioning consequently. We wanted the brand to become inspirational more than aspirational, and to bring the notebook’s consumers to the experience.

Case description: 

The ScribeBillboard was an interactive live action billboard located on one of the most important streets in Mexico City. It housed the artist Cecilia Beaven during 10 days, with the only purpose to transform a huge white canvas into a work of art filled with color and the ideas that she received from Twitter. Everything that happened during these days was available for tracking on social networks, a blog, webisodes and live streamings. Tv celebrities and other artists visited her, and Molotov (mexican band) played live from the billboard. As she painted, other billboards were completed at the same time all over the city. The whole story was also brought to movie theaters and television. Small billboard replicas were printed for those whose requests were drawn by Cecilia.


In just 10 days, impacts on Twitter went over 100 million (resource:, 12,000 drawings were requested, more than 65,000 users were logged at the same time for the live streaming and 99% of the conversation was positive. National and international media talked about the action and radio stations broadcasted from our location.


Advertising Agency
La Agencia Viva! & La Doblevida, Ciudad de México, México
General Creative Directors
Juan Pablo Manazza
Manuel Camacho
Art Directors
Roberto Flores
Xavier Fajardo
Ivan Mayorquín
Eduardo García
Carlos Perez
Account Services Director
Miguel Mendiola
Project Leader
Claudia Caballero
Cecilia Beaven / Billboard Artist
Ezequiel Daneri
Account Director
Pilar Gilbert
Account excecutive
Alejandra Vera
Nancy Vilchis
Iza Pe?afiel
Digital Producer
Adriana Dreves
Ariana Gonzales