Hungry Boys: You are blind
2012/11/2 17:40:409359
Hungry Boys launches the “blind website” for encouraging people to stop the blindness of people to the problems of the blind.

Have you noticed how many blind people there are among us? Today there are from 37 to 45 million blind people in the world (according to various estimates), and about 125 million people with very poor vision. According to the World Health Organization, every year the number of blind people in the world increased by 1 million.

Russian society is still treating blind people as disabled who can do nothing without help. But does anyone actually want to help?

To raise awareness to the problem and find the needed help, "The right to smile" - a charity fund of social assistance to blind children founded by Anna Chapman, together with the advertising agency Hungry Boys, and their partners - VGNC and Ailove, launched a project called BLIND. 

Personal envelopes were sent to creative directors of leading advertising agencies and chief editors of major media, to people who can see more in ordinary things and generate ideas. In that envelopes were a blindfold and a request to put it on, feel the blindness, and try to make simple things - make tea, a phone call, or go outside.

After that, the same people received letters that suggested, for a minute, to put yourself in a blind boy’s shoes, on the “blind project website” ( and share ideas about how to make this world a better place for children who cannot see.


Everyone can help blind people on 
To push the idea, and provide a more engaging experience, the website was turned into a game. Users must help a child get to the pharmacy. The boy is visually impaired, and the way to the destination is dark, filled with a cacophony of sounds and rare patches of light. After the mission is completed, users are invited to submit ideas on how to make the enhance the urban environment, so visually impaired people could feel more comfortable.

Anna Chapman, ?The right to smile? Charity fund:
?Creativity is more interesting than pain to people. I realized that during the work of my charity fund. Therefore, in this project we brought together teams of people who really care. And I believe that good, caring people still outnumber indifferent people or people wishing evil things. Another thing is the collaboration of ordinary people and charity funds. The worst thing is that at least in Russia, charity in general has a corrupt image and has long been used for personal gain and for PR. And I do not blame those who do not believe charities any more, because they have been deceived for too long. At the same time, I am doing what I can. In Volgograd, no one but the fund will be able to help children who urgently need to treat strabismus, no one else can hold a diagnosis, no one else can bring new medical technologies, no one else can update the equipment in kindergartens and most likely no one else can build a school for the blind children. This project is meant to raise public awareness of the situation, and find people who care.? 

Idea, Production, Design
Hungry Boys
Creative Director
Vlad Sitnikov 
Daria Mingalieva (ех)
Art Director
Alexei Nikolaev
Nadejda Golubcova
Hamza Kadyrov
Natalia Varguleva

AILOVE // Code, 3D world
Creative Director
Oleg Jdanov
R&D Coder
Vladimir Seregin
Project Manager
Roman Konykhov
Flash Developer
Yuriy Selin

VGNC Digital Video Agency // Video Production, Sound
Misha Koroteev
Alexei Sobolev
Alexei Sobolev
Evgeniy Gubrenko
Misha Koroteev
Misha Koroteev
Executive Producer
Anna Soboleva
Tatyana Chaikovskaya
Production Manager
Boris Petrenko