Leo Burnett Singapore: IKEA Singapore/Malaysia Catalog Launch
2012/11/1 14:02:488969
Counting down to the big day.IKEA catalog launches are getting good this year. After McCann Erickson launched the 2013 catalog in the North American market by injecting it with a "vitamin pill," with a content overhaul and digital accompaniments, Leo Burnett launched the book in Singapore and Malaysia with an interactive "countdown."

The agency wanted to build anticipation for the arrival of the book, so it built IKEA Catalog Countdown Rooms in three stores in both countries, which used furniture from the retailer to form the numbers of the countdown, from nine to zero, when seen from above.

The room was streamed live on an online television channel, and each numbered arrangement reflected the designs for the various areas of the home, from the living room to the bedroom. The events were also streamed on IKEA's Facebook app, with local artists participating in each room. For example, in the bedroom, singer Jai reminded you of the time you sang your first love song, while in the kids' room, artist Denise Jillian Tan painted on the walls, using children's imaginations as her inspiration.

Using the hashtag #IKEAMOMENTS, fans could share their moments with the retailer's products -- and be entered into a content to win the IKEA room their moment was tagged in.


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