McCann Oslo: Wideroe - Change Flight, Change Airline
2012/10/22 22:52:327833

You get a flight! You get a flight!

An airline giving you a free flight if you hold a ticket with another company? Unheard of in the U.S., but a definite possibility in Norway. Wideroe, the Scandinavian country's small, upstart little airline, is known for its frequent flights on its main routes. But it faced a challenge when the Norwegian Air Shuttle decided it would also start operating those same routes, with lower costs. 

So McCann Oslo took advantage of the fact that its client, Wideroe, had more frequent flights with a promotion that underscored passenger flexibility.

Anybody holding a Norwegian Air ticket could get on a Wideroe flight, free of charge, as long as there was a seat.

It's a bold move, and one that probably would cost the company in terms of money, but that would gain it some much needed traction against its competitor.



McCann Oslo
Stein Simonsen
Torstein Greni
Agency Producer:
Beril Holte Rasmussen
AD Assistant:
Yvonne Aarnes
Anne Hildremyr