im2.0互动营销上海: 趣多多 美味逗动你
2012/9/20 0:00:0012141
[Describe Mission]

The debut of Chips Ahoy!product family starts in 2012. How to make consumers who prefer different tastes love our products with different tastes. Moreover, make them love our whole brand and help our product become consumers’ top of mind.

[Describe Idea]

Through fully 3D interactive online game, users can enjoy great visual quality. This game fully demonstrates the distinctive personalities of 4 cookies, the production process of cookies, and how cookie men do their best to deliver cookie products to consumers


Users can team up with friends to play this game. Use the keyboard to avoid obstacles and anyone who want to steal the cookie. Users could get lots cookies after winning games. They could exchange cookies for tools or joining the lucky draw to win the huge prize

Users can share the campaign messages to SNS friends to win more rewards. However, their friends could also steal the cookies. In this way, users could use super tools that get by pincode to protect their cookies.

With more and more participants on internet platform, APP also been lunched on the mobile platform. The data from the Mobile APP platform and website platform are connected together. We also create better user experience by considering the behavior of mobile users to bring them more real fun!

[Describe results]
1 month after the launch of the Chips Ahoy! Campaign:  
The number of clicks is over 300 million.
The number of participants is over 8.6 million.

[Additional Point]
? 在中国首次实现web和手机APP终端联动创举,让用户时刻参与互动,不受空间限制。
? Creates a synchronized credit system among the website and mobile APP. It’s first time in China. In this way, users can interactive anytime and anywhere

? 制作精良流畅的动画大片,拉开华丽序幕,让用户一见钟情。
? Through fully 3D interactive animation game, users can enjoy great visual quality as same as the 3D animated film

? Pincode可以换到超级道具,拉动游戏用户地购买更多产品。
? Pincode can be exchanged for the tools to push users to buy more products

? 通过各媒介平台和SNS社区媒体整合传播,让活动持续升温。
? Integration of media resources and SNS platform makes more and more people join this campaign


Executive Creative Director
Allen Lee
Associate Creative Director
Beck Yang
Benjamin Guan
Senior Copywriter
Zee Zhang
Art Director
Stan Xu
Senior Designer
Manly Zhang
Iris Xu
Fred Shao

Group Account Director
Kevin Zhu
Account Director
Abner Wang
Senior Account Manager
Elaine Wang
Account Executive
Isabella Zhang
Cathy Wang

Project Director
Itsuki Wang
Project Manger
Lin Qinglin
John He
Vivian Guo 
Song Rui
Gao Dayong
Li Jie

Video Editor
Bright Yu