im2.0互动营销上海: 奥利奥 放飞童真一起玩
2012/9/17 0:00:0017952

Describe Mission

There are more than 300 million families in China. Children take most of time on study, and their parents work hard for their future. The pressures from life make them getting farther and farther.
Twist Lick Dunk! Oreo wants to get parents and children all back to children and get them closer again.

Describe Idea
Celebrating the kid inside, which is to create a fresh, fun, long-term network activity. Parents and children will experience the enjoyment of being back to kids by completing 4 interesting childlike missions every month. This is a real interactive between parents and children, but not only physical exercises.

Describe results

Only 6 weeks, it attracted 25684922 users, received 25166199 childlike missions. 2171614 blogs are uploaded, and more than 93581 users bought Oreo products through the activity.  

Additional Point

Besides, it also developed many social applications with the biggest social media Tencent, Weibo in China.

More Chinese families learnt” Twist, Lick and Dunk” to eat Oreo; meanwhile they learnt how to express love between parents and children by “Twist Lick and Dunk”.



Executive Creative Director
Allen Lee
Associate Creative Director
Abel Wang
Senior Copy
Avril Jin
Associate Art director
Cynthia Yao

Group Account Director
Kevin Zhu
Account Director
Abner Wang
Account Manager
Winnie Wang
Account Executive
Stella Dong

Production Director
Itsuki Wang
Project Manager
Lin Qinglin
Project Executive
Zhao Wei